Loans of 20 thousand USD: guide to the choice.

When we are faced with considerable expenses, but important for our life (the renovation of a house, an unexpected event, for many even medical expenses or a wedding) the amount to be requested in the case of a loan cannot be small, and usually we focus on the figure of 20,000 USD.

Unfortunately, these loans are not currently easily obtainable if you present yourself to a bank or a financial company without valid guarantees, such as a paycheck, of the more than credible guarantors, of real estate possessions. Alternatively, one can think of loans with exchanges or a transfer of the fifth. Is the latter solution the one that suits you best? Let’s find out.

The different options on the market

The different options on the market

We immediately highlight that those who do not have a fixed job but can at least count on a fixed-term contract can opt for some types of personal loans, where it can go up to 84 months for repayment in monthly installments with fixed TAN for the entire duration of the loan and variable APR according to the number of installments (see also Personal loans without paycheck).

Other speech is to be made for those who need this figure but do not have a paycheck or guarantors, or for those who have been protested in the past. They could find a solution in a loan changed, which notoriously does not require guarantees but has higher interest rates than normal loans (which can be decreased with presentation of motivation and guarantor) and, in the case of a loan from a private individual, as a counterpart for any foreclosure of their assets against non-payment.

The luckiest ones are those who work on permanent contracts, even better if they are state or public employees (who on average discount rates lower than those of the private sector), or retirees, as they can take advantage of the assignment of the fifth even if they have a bad pay background.

The advantages of the transfer of the fifth

The advantages of the transfer of the fifth

The assignment of the fifth allows to obtain a loan of 20,000 USD even to those who already have an additional loan in place that has not yet finished paying. This loan allows to be paid monthly with deductions that reach up to a fifth (20%) of the monthly net salary, with rather convenient interest rates (with a fixed installment, fixed TAN for the entire duration of the loan and variable APR according to the number of installments).

The duration of a loan for assignment of the fifth part starts from 2 years (24 installments) and reaches 10 years (120 installments): therefore it allows to be paid easily, and in addition has the advantage of being insured. However, he has the limit (and in Italy these days is no small thing) to be able to be requested exclusively by retirees or by those who have a permanent contract job, in state and public bodies or, in certain cases, in private companies .

Guide to request a loan of 2 thousand USD.

Your loan request

Your loan request

The request for a 2,000 USD loan is becoming increasingly common, both at banks (for example Unicredit with two Express loans with these characteristics) and at financials (one of the examples comes from Spin Lender, with the addition of his mini credit).

This is because it is a rather small figure, which allows you to fulfill certain expenses by returning the small loan with ease. These loans then become even more convenient if they are requested online, thus avoiding unnecessary files and waiting at the counters.

This is a figure that can also be requested without a paycheck, but this does not mean without guarantees, and you can get it in a very short time, practically almost immediately after the request itself.

The parameters: interest, installments and usability

The parameters: interest, installments and usability

The response comes from several comparators present on the web, which act as real computers, calculating the best loan from 2000 USD after certain variables have been entered (among these: age of the applicant, city of domicile, time in which to return the amount, etc.).

The period in which the request is made is also taken into account, which is why it is a result subject to change very frequently. However, the most important parameters that are taken into consideration concern the percentages of TAN and APR, the number and amount of installments, and the ease with which the loan can be requested and used, even online.

Which bank among the best

Which bank among the best

Among the best small loans valued by the comparators, the most reliable and cheaper 2,000 USD loan in installments is currently, in these first weeks of 2016, at three institutes or associations.

The first is the one provided by Infra Bank, which in 48 months offers monthly installments of 47.80 USD with TAN at 6.90% and APR at 7.83%. The estimate, including interest rates, can be requested online on the Fine Bank website by entering e-mail and date of birth, in addition to the desired amount in total and the monthly installment, while for sending documents and approval you need to go to the branch.

Immediately afterwards we find the loan from Best Bank: in this case the monthly payment amounts to 53.60 USD, with TAN at 6.75% and APR at 6.96%. To obtain this loan, the request for a quote can be made online, using the simulator, and then switch to the electronic sending of documents (identity card or driving license, last Telecom or Enel user, an income document) validated thanks to the digital signature available to Best Bank from Lite Lender Company. Once the loan application has been approved, you will receive the agreed sum by bank transfer.

Finally, the third best choice, if you want to apply for a loan of 2,000 USD, can be Lite Lender Company, belonging to the Spin Lender group, which offers installments of 56.20 USD, fixed TAN at 9.54% and APR at 9.97%. Even in this situation, insurance coverage is excluded from the quote, and quotes and payments can be requested entirely online by digital signature. For all the more detailed information, however, you can consult the respective websites of the financial companies we mentioned.

Banks grants credit for driver’s license despite Credit Bureau.

Obtaining a driver’s license involves considerable costs. Those who do not have a driver’s license today may be sidelined in professional life. A driver’s license is especially necessary on the job market, think of professional drivers or ambulances. However, there could be considerable difficulties in granting a loan with regard to a bad Credit Bureau.Negative entries in the Credit Bureau mean the loan from at least the Infra Banks. Nevertheless, the loan seeker can get a credit for the driver’s license despite Credit Bureau.

The credit for the driver’s license despite Credit Bureau – the prospects

The credit for the driver

Whether in professional life or in private life, a driver’s license is often as important as daily bread. Many workers would never get to work without a car. A driver’s license is also often required at work in order to drive various vehicles. But driving licenses also play a major role in private life. Think of communities that are so remote and, as a result, do not have sufficient infrastructure. So these people have to use the bus for a pound of butter, which isn’t exactly cheap these days. The driving license gives many young people the breath of freedom they desire. The motto is to be flexible and independent. It doesn’t even have to be your own car, many car sharing models offer mobility.

A driver’s license is not a cheap thing. It’s not just the driving hours that count, there are costs for the exam, passport photos, the first aid course and the eye test. Depending on the driving hours, a few thousand USD can be collected. If there are no savings or if the parents cannot shoot anything, the credit for the driver’s license is often all that remains despite Credit Bureau, which would normally not be a problem. If the credit rating is right, the Credit Bureau is fine, banks don’t say no to a loan.

The financing would normally be approved as an installment loan or a small loan. The loan amounts here range from 500 to 5000 USD. The loan pays interest and is repaid in constant installments. The term usually depends on the income of the customer. If he chooses a long term, he can expect low rates and vice versa, high rates with a short term.

However, it should be borne in mind that a credit for a driver’s license, despite Credit Bureau, does not get as good conditions as a conventional loan. The loan seeker does not need to go to the house bank or to a branch bank, since a bad Credit Bureau inevitably leads to the loan refusal. If the customer then searches online for the Credit Bureau-free loans, he is almost overwhelmed by the advertising-heavy information. All offer the cheapest loans without Credit Bureau, without income, without a credit check.

The customer should not fall for any of the promises and, despite Credit Bureau, look for a reputable credit broker for the loan for the driver’s license. Despite Credit Bureau, he can also apply for a loan himself from the lending bank, the advantage of this is that no commissions are charged. The customer can then submit his loan application on the relevant bank page. However, these banks do not advertise their loan offers so extensively that it can sometimes be a little difficult for the loan seeker to carry out the entire loan procedure.

The lenders come from Switzerland and Liechtenstein for the Credit Bureau-free loan. There will be no credit from these banks if the customer cannot prove a permanent position that has existed for at least a year or has no income that is above the attachment limit. With the loan for the driver’s license despite Credit Bureau, there are no such large comparison options. The foreign loans are standardized in terms of the loan amount, the term and the interest rate.

The credit options

The credit options

If the Credit Bureau entry is a soft feature, for example if an invoice was forgotten, the house bank can also grant a credit for the driver’s license despite Credit Bureau. Especially in view of the fact that the customer is known there and the bank knows the customer’s financial situation. The house bank also offers options for young people who do not receive a loan without the signature of their parents or legal guardians. If the chances of getting a loan increase, self-disclosure should be requested from Credit Bureau before applying for the loan.

Sometimes the entries have long been completed and could be deleted, which of course increases the credit chances. If the loan seeker can name a guarantor, for example the parents or grandparents, a loan for the driver’s license could be approved by a Infra Bank despite Credit Bureau.

You can also take out a loan from the driving school. But the extent to which a driving school accepts a negative Credit Bureau remains to be seen. The possibility of a loan for the driver’s license despite Credit Bureau could possibly be given by a large-scale driving school that does not see the Credit Bureau entry as closely.

If these credit channels are blocked, then the Swiss loan from Liechtenstein remains. As described above, Swiss loans are advertised by credit agencies. When choosing the intermediary, care must be taken to ensure that they are serious. For example, if he requests preparatory food or insists on the signing of insurance contracts, then he is certainly not a reputable broker.

In order to receive the Swiss loan, permanent employment must have existed for at least one year. Likewise, the income must have an attachable share of around USD 80.00. The loan amounts are only around USD 3,500, USD 5,000 or USD 7,500. The term of all three loans is 40 months, the interest rate is 11-12% depending on the creditworthiness. The advantage of this loan is that it is not entered in the Credit Bureau, and the employer does not find out about it either. At least not as long as the loan is paid on time. The bank secures the loan commitment with a corresponding certificate that it will seize the wages in the event of payment problems.

If a loan for the driver’s license can be granted with a guarantor or a co-applicant despite Credit Bureau, care should be taken when choosing a bank that it does not have an automated credit check.


This Complete Guide to Submitting Online Credit Cards

It is not the time for credit card applications to be directly through the bank or sales marketing. Credit cards can now be obtained online.

Submitting an online credit card is certainly more concise and faster than if you have to come to the bank. All stages of submission to the issuance of credit cards online do not need a lot of energy, let alone costs.

So easy, one person can apply for credit cards online to two or three banks at once in one day. Thank the scientists who have contributed to developing the Internet to be as useful as it is today.


Online credit card applications can use a number of channels or facilities

Online credit card applications can use a number of channels or facilities

The stages are more or less the same. The difference is only in the details of the page. Channels to apply for credit cards online, namely:

1. Card issuing bank site
2. Comparison of financial services sites that work with banks
3. Marketplace that has been integrated

Bank site is the online address of the bank that issued the credit card. But not all banks provide credit card filing facilities online. Banks that have this service include BCA, BRI and BNI.

The financial services comparison site provides AZ information about banking products to insurance, such as unsecured loans, car insurance, and credit cards. On this site users can also directly apply the services needed, including online credit cards.

According to an integrated marketplace is a trading site that works with comparative or banking sites to become a bridge for users. It works the same as a comparison site, but information about related products is not as complete as a comparison site.

The steps for applying for an online credit card at these three facilities are as follows:


1. Registration

loan application

The first and foremost thing is registration on related sites. Specifically for submitting credit cards online at the bank, the registration stage is integrated with the application when filling out forms.


2. Look and compare features

Every credit card product is unique. Look and compare the desired card to find the most suitable, both the terms and benefits.

At this stage, submitting a credit card on the comparison site is most useful. Because, you can compare credit cards from many banks at once. If you apply on the bank’s website, you can only compare types of credit cards from the bank.


3. Apply

loan Apply

If you have found the most appropriate credit card, immediately apply. From there, you will usually be asked to fill out the form and upload the required documents. So also prepare the results of scans of documents such as KTP, NPWP, until the salary slip.


4. Submit application

Submission of credit cards online at each bank can have different procedures. Some of them can all be online, but some of the forms and documents must be sent by post. Check these shipping conditions so they are not mistaken.


5. Wait for verification

5. Wait for verification

Usually within one or two weeks after credit card submission there will be an incoming call from a bank clerk for verification. This call is very important to ensure the fate of your application. If the phone is repeatedly answered or missed, the credit card certainly will not be issued.


6. Credit cards accepted

6. Credit cards accepted

Generally about a week after verification, a decision has been made on whether or not online credit card applications are accepted. If there is no news, maybe the application is rejected. If successful, the card will be sent to the address as stated on the credit card form.


Credit Card Slips Online

Credit Card Slips Online

Easy is not an online credit card application? But, behind the convenience, there are some things that can make you complacent and make you slip.

Credit card online or not, there are conditions that must be met if you want to get it. If there is one condition that is not met, say goodbye to the hope of having a credit card.

Loan that covers the overdraft facility.

An installment loan and a overdraft facility are two fundamentally different types of credit. The overdraft facility – or overdraft facility – is provided by banks to their solvent customers if they have a regular income. Depending on how high the income is, the bank will approve up to three net monthly salaries as overdraft facilities. The perfect solution for short-term use.

In general, a distinction can be made between a loan that is taken up for the overdraft facility or a loan that covers the overdraft facility. But there are still some things to keep in mind when it comes to credit despite overdraft.

Loan provides additional financial resources

Loan provides additional financial resources

In principle, the overdraft facility is a loan that provides additional financial resources in addition to bridging financial bottlenecks. However, it should not be used for large purchases. An installment loan would be much cheaper for this. Anyone who uses his overdraft facility should know that it should be balanced in the short or medium term. The customer can choose freely.

If the customer wants to buy consumer goods, quick credit – also called overdraft facility – is a good solution. However, the overdraft facility is the most expensive loan. It can have an interest level of up to 15%. If the customer then exceeds the credit line granted, the bank calculates interest again. If you compare it with an installment loan, the customer can expect an interest rate of 5-6% with a good credit rating.

The disposition is actually intended for short-term use. If an unexpected invoice arrives at the end of the month, but the account is empty, the overdraft facility can serve you well. However, it makes sense to leave this account overdrawn when receiving the salary. But many customers cannot get out of the overdraft. There is an unplanned utility bill, the youngsters need new clothes, in short the money is not enough in the back and in the front.

For many bank customers, an overdraft facility is the help they need from financial hardship. However, there are concerns, if the overdraft facility is always used without an amount being returned, a nice amount of interest will accumulate. The consequence of the customer’s creditworthiness is strained. Especially when the credit line is often overdrawn. Return debits may occur The bank no longer carries out transfers, the spiral of debt begins.

Anyone who is in such a situation should remember to take a look at the credit without any problems. This process is also known as debt restructuring, the overdraft facility is converted into an installment loan. The loan, despite overdraft, should then be planned so that the installments remain affordable, because this is the only way to escape the debt trap. The end of the loan is therefore predictable.

When taking out a loan, we recommend that you also redeem the overdraft facility at the same time. If the loan is approved despite the overdraft facility, the overdraft facility should be removed or at least reduced. If the loan is approved despite the overdraft facility and the overdraft facility is used, it is recommended that the amount used be settled within three or four months. If the incoming income no longer covers the overdraft facility, then an installment loan should be considered.

The credit despite overdraft should not be used for something new, but the replacement of the overdraft facility should come first.

The overdraft facility conditions

The overdraft facility conditions

Before the customer applies for the loan despite the overdraft facility, he should use a budget to determine whether and which installment amount he can pay. The bank also demands a sufficiently high income. The Credit Bureau must not contain any negative entries. However, this was checked by the bank before the overdraft facility was made available. Had there been any abnormalities, the bank would not have provided the overdraft facility.

Usually, a loan is only a few thousand or a few hundred USD, despite overdraft. If the loan is approved to replace the overdraft facility, the bank will transfer the loan amount directly to the account. If the loan amount was chosen higher than the overdraft facility, the customer can freely dispose of the remaining amount.

The loan is paid off in constant monthly installments. The installments consist of the interest and the repayment amount. The customer can roughly control the length of the term if the rates should adapt to his income. Therefore, as previously mentioned, the customer should draw up an income / expenditure plan. This shows the rate that he could pay.

One way to avoid the overdraft facility is the so-called call credit.

One way to avoid the overdraft facility is the so-called call credit.

It is managed with an independent account and can be described as an external planning framework. It is important to know that a call credit is cheaper than a overdraft facility. There are banks that only charge an interest rate of 4.85% to 5.22%. However, the overdraft facility, as noted above, can be up to 15%.

The customer can proceed with the call credit. He applies for the desired amount from his bank. As with a loan, the bank will check the creditworthiness despite the overdraft facility. The flexible credit line can always be used up to the agreed loan amount. However, smaller sums can be transferred to the checking account. Loan interest is only charged on the amount used. Interest is calculated until the loan is repaid. Since call credits often have variable interest rates, attention should also be paid here to the due market interest. Also with the call credit should be paid on the call amount every month.

The customer who has a bad Credit Bureau and has fully used his overdraft facility will have difficulties with a loan despite overdraft. Cream banks are very cautious when Credit Bureau is bad. The loans are mostly rejected.

The customer then still has the option of taking out a Credit Bureau-free loan despite overdraft. The funds come from abroad and are limited in their loan amounts. Since July 2016, three loan amounts have been provided instead of two. One time 3,500 USD, 5,000 USD and with good creditworthiness also 7,500 USD.

The terms of the loans are standardized, they are 40 months. The interest rate is between 11-12% even after creditworthiness. Neither the rates nor the terms can be changed. Credit Bureau will not query this bank, nor will the credit be entered. In order to receive the Credit Bureau-free loan, you must have a sufficiently high income and absolutely permanent employment without a fixed-term contract.